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Welcome beautiful soul, I'm so glad you've found your way here. My name is Jess, also called joyful Jess - because my purpose is to spark joy. I am doing that in multiple different ways and one of the most fulfilling opportunities is to be guiding you on your journey of remembering who you really are and helping you to find back to your inner spark of joy. 

Doing that brings joy to you and to me - WIN WIN situation! 
I help young professionals that are facing their quarter life crisis to find back to their inner joy to finally be living in alignment with their souls purpose. After going through my quarter life crisis, I have completely been shifting my life upside down and have learned how important it is to follow the path, that sparks most joy to you.

After various career paths, being in consulting and training for a while, I finally found my calling in working as a certified life and soul purpose coach as well as a psychological and systemic coach. Now I am supporting my clients through coaching on their journey towards more joy in their life. Focusing on joy brings you in alignment with your soul purpose which is the highest state we as humans can be in. I am looking forward to be chatting with you soul much, simply shoot me a message so we can get to know each other!

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You are laying awake at night because what's happening at work is still running around your mind?

You cannot switch off your thoughts during dinner with friends or family because there's still something that needs to be prepared for the next day?
You are spending your Friday nights at the office while your friends hang out at a bar? 

Relaxing Sundays do not exist for you because there's still some mails that have to be checked before the same thing starts all over again Monday morning?


You are the one that is successful in business and you are important for your company and business.

- - - 

Allow yourself to look closer and feel your thoughts and emotions.

You are (on your way to be) burnt out.

You have lost the spark in what you are doing.

You are drained.

Your energy level is low.

You feel like you are wasting your time as you are not the ruler of your own time - instead, your work is. 

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I help you find back to your inner spark of joy because this leads you to be living according to your purpose. 

All I can tell you, it's okay. Most of us have been there. I have as well. 

You are facing your quarter crisis and don't feel joy anymore in what you are doing. 

In my energetic container I am supporting young professionals that feel exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated with their (work) life and their work life balance. Together we will look at how to find back to your inner joy and change your current state of being.

Coaching is a process of personal development and growth. It is an evolutionary journey and within my programs it is all about understanding yourself, deep diving into your character, discovering your purpose and taking aligned action.

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In an intense month one on one coaching flow, I am supporting you to be getting clear on your vision and goals. 
We will tackle what's holding you back and get an idea what stage you're at in your life and with regard to your purpose. 
We will be setting a focus on analysing and understanding your current state and your desired state to map the difference and then be able to work on taking action.


I will be supporting you in a three months one on one coaching flow to be getting clear on your vision and goals, find clarity and transparency in your life and with regard to your purpose. 
A Human Design chart reading will support you in learning more about yourself before we will be setting a focus on finding out what sparks most joy to you and how you can best implement these components into your life. 
Together we will look at the embodiment of you living your purpose and dream life while still balancing all life has to offer.
Allowing self growth, enabling self development, practise mindset work and identify limiting beliefs just to be shifting them.


Within my six months one on one coaching flow, I will be supporting you to be figuring out what sparks most joy to you and to be diving deeper exactly into this excitement. By understanding your Human Design chart, you get to learn more about yourself. 
We check on obstacles that you've had to overcome and with that you will find clarity and transparency in your life and with regard to your purpose. 
It's all about integration, balancing and mastering your superpowers and living your best life.
There's a huge transformation ahead of you and I am super excited for you to be living your purpose!

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Are you feeling expansion in your stomach or in your heart when reading this?
Are you feeling that spark of joy coming back by thinking about the life you desire? 
Are you feeling ready to transform your life and live according to your purpose?

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I can honestly say that I feel lighter and more creative after our sessions. With your calmness you open up the space for me to look within and connect with my intuition. I can get clear on how I want to show up for myself in a safe and also playful space. I love how you reflect back what I am saying and doing, it gives me a different perspective and I get the feeling that you really care about and are present in what is happening. I’m so grateful for all of the insights I have gotten in and after our sessions as well. I just love the flow of the coaching sessions and that I am able to talk things out and come closer to my truth with you. I’m so thankful for you, the sessions always leave me feeling inspired.


Experiencing a coaching session with Jessica is soul nurturing. She truly brings so much presence and clarity to one's life and present circumstances. She's amazing at listening and reflecting back exactly what you need to hear and how you need to hear it. I highly recommend treating yourself to a coaching session with Jessica, so that you may uncover the answers that reside within you. Allow her to help you excavate these deep truths. You will be grateful you gave yourself the opportunity to see yourself more deeply! Thank you soul much, Jessica!


Thanks to Jessica's support in several coaching sessions, I managed to become more authentic, more self-reflective and to meet other people with more trust. I would like to particularly emphasize her always empathetic attitude, the trusting atmosphere of conversation and her goal-oriented way of working. Every coaching session with Jessica has brought me a giant step forward.
Due to her professional support in my coaching process, I was able to let go of my negative beliefs and reverse them. I was able to discover new beliefs for myself and immediately feel positive changes in myself. Since then, my life has taken on a new quality.
Thank you very much!

In case you would like to hear more voices and success stories from previous clients, let me know and I am happy to share!

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My 1:1 Human Design Reading Offers


Basic Reading

Get to know the Basics of Human Design, your Type, your Strategy, your Profile and your Authority.


Advanced Reading

We will dive deeper into your defined and undefined Centers, possible Conditioning, your Channels as well as Gates.


Life Purpose Reading

Within Human Design there is the Incarnation Cross and with it comes a Life Theme that we will look at together and see how you can implement it into your life.

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Coaching. Training. Consulting.




(IT) Business Consultancy (ServiceNow)
(Agile) Project Management
SCRUM Master & Product Owner
Process Analysis & Optimisation

Please send me a message if you are interested in any form of collaboration. I am quite flexible in my offers as long as it sparks joy to me and I feel that my energy and time is valued.

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Thank you for your message. I will get in touch with you shortly!

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